In celebration of the phenomenal talent that has come through our doors we've put together this superb collection of original pieces from some of the wonderful musicians who have played at The Norton Arms. 

Proceeds to Halton Community of Youth. 

The cd comprises 15 excellent tracks:

01. George Borowski - Into The Light
02. Trish Watt - Life In A Day
03. Matthew McGurty & The Mnemonics - 
Give Me Back My Soul
04. James Lyons & Lea La Zel Papillon
05. Little Jo and The Misfits - Taste of Fear
06. John Chatterton - Robin Dance
07. Hannah Rose Platt Temptress
08. Funke & The Two Tone Baby - Bella's Kiss
09. YarboMechanical
10. Laura James - Crocodile Tears
11. Stevie Joseph Wonderland
12. Doozer McDooze I Know The Road Is Hard
13. Vanessa Murray Again
14. Junior Dayvis - Something About You 

15. John Chatterton - The Space Between

Mastered by the gracious Biff Roxby

"The Norton Arms sounds like a cool place for live music" Sean McGhee, Editor of R2 (Rock'n'Reel) Magazine.

"The Norton Arms compilation is a great eclectic mix of blues, funk, rock and folk featuring grass roots musicians from local scenes and further afield proving that the venue is a fertile ground for an emerging scene. Hearing great up and coming talent on there such as Vanessa Murray and Funke & The Two Tone Baby really confirms that places like the Norton Arms have a lot to give when it comes to providing a platform to those that deserve it." (Chris Herstad Carney, CEO of Threshold Festival, Liverpool)

Live & Original at the Norton Arms is a "very cool album" and "something to take great pleasure in", given 4 stars by Liverpool Sound and Vision. Read the full review by Ian Hall.

This quality product is available at The Norton for the amazingly good price of just £5. 

It is a none-profit enterprise and neither the pub or the generous musicians will make any money from it. Rather, once we break even on the costs any proceeds will go to Halton Community of Youth, for the great work they do in supporting young musicians in our town.

We hope you'll pursue these fine musicians and support them by making purchases from your favourites directly. 

If you like the cover drawing (above), please see other works by the artist, Sarah Woolfenden, via her website