This year's Norton Arms' Man of Movember was Luke Holt!

We aim to raise awareness of men's health issues and have joined the international tour de force that is Movember.

We support fervently, all the men who join the league of Mo Bros by cultivating a moutache throughout the month and encourage Mo sistas to do the same!? (Work it out!)

The month will culminate in a fabulous party that we'll be hosting on Saturday 30th Movember with a great band - The Odds. This event is officially registered with the British arm of the Movember charity; Movember UK.

The Movember Raffle

12 serioulsy good prizes to be won:

  • Full service and winter check for your car
  • Two hours worth of tattoo 
  • 2 x Physiotherapy sessions
  • Full, inside & out car valet
  • Meal for 2 at The Norton
  • Lady's or gent's cut and finish
  • Podiatry in your own home
  • £20 worth of quality meat 
  • Free taxi home from the pub with 2 drops
  • Chinese take away - set meal for 2
  • Family ticket for Norton Priory
  • Local History Book + £10 book tokens

See the dedicated page for more on the raffle and further information about these fantastic prizes, kindly donated by reputable local businesses that we endorse.  

This video explains what growing a mo can achieve and how spreading the word of events such as those at The Norton can really help the momentum of the campaign.   

The short video below is well worth a watch to see the kind of work Movember do and what you'll be supporting.  

A lovely representation of the history of Movember, putting in context your part of the greater whole, whether you grow a mo, buy a raffle ticket or just spread the word.

Our Mo Sista & Miss Movember was awarded to Lauren Hickton!

Raffle winners:

  • Cathy Collins - ScottSpec Auto's car service
  • Bill Owens - BonTon's tattoo
  • Vinne Morris - Aqua Hand Car Wash's, full valet
  • Luke Holt - PremierPhysio's session (1)
  • John Hill - PremierPysio's session (2)
  • Lesley Watts - Jake Alexander's cut & finish
  • Kelly Cushion - Halton Home Podiatry's treatment
  • Jo Harrison - The Dolphin's Chinese take-away
  • David Reid - ABC Taxi's ride home (& a couple of pints to boot!)
  • Charlie - Cowards of Frodsham's £20 voucher
  • Lesley George - Meal for Two at The Norton
  • Alan Hesketh - Curiosity Book Shop's local history book + £10 book tolken from The Norton
  • Mrs Cox - Norton Priory's family entry or alternative (yet to decide at time of posting)

Last Year's winner of the "Best Mo" trophy was won by David Reid. Can you beat this to win this year's Man of Movember? 

Some of last year's Norton Mo Bros (with a couple of Sistas too!).  

This year's trophy isn't just for the best mo - every mo matters. Emphasis is on Rule 5 "each mo bro must conduct himself like a true gentleman". 

It doesn't matter what kind of Mr Mo you become - all styles are valid so long as they're in-keeping with the RULES

Improving awareness is particularly pertinent in the UK, where we loose around 10,000 of our men every year to prostrate cancer alone. Unlike in most other developed countries, we have no national screening programme for prostrate cancer - you need to approach your GP and ask to be checked out. 

1 in 200 men are also affected by testicular cancer.

So please, spread the word.